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The topic

The topic is not only fun - it's the heart of the conversation circle!

It is strongly recommended that there be a subject for discussion, chosen two to three weeks in advance so that members can prepare themselves. It provides the framework for discussion and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

The use of photos, illustrations and other artifacts is encouraged. It is entirely up to the individual whether he/she uses notes or talks freely. If someone cannot contribute to the theme of the day, they could talk about anything else - eg tell about an interesting experience or something they read recently.

Above all, the success of Lingo Links depends on all players in the team to give confidence to reticent speakers and to help with corrections according to the needs and wishes of the various members. Every meeting should be a joint effort of all the members to "juggle the conversation" in order to make it interesting and meaningful for all, and make sure that everyone has a turn to talk.

Golden rule

Topics first - general conversation later!
Lists of topics available on request from