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Lingo Links is a non-profit organization. It is run by the founder, Rhona Wetzka, in conjunction with all the convenors.

Subscriptions per member
Obligatory joining fee R50 (paid once only)
Annual membership R110
Half year fee R60
Every additional circle someone joins R20 (paid to that circle)

New groups outside Johannesburg area
First year R50
Next year R110 or R60 (half year fee)

Subscriptions are due by the end of February and paid directly into the Lingo Links bank account 6200-4514-734 First Nat. Bank (FNB), Sandton 26-09-50. They include the Annual Magazine issued in November.

Further Information

Jhb 0 72-7 86-99 61
Pta 0 82-5 81-89 95