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How to start your own circle

Regardless of where you live or what language you are interested in, if there is no suitable group in your area, start one! Don’t wait - any two persons can start practising and make up their own programme.

All it takes is
  • a little bit of imaginative recruiting
    (local paper, school and church newsletters, notices in library, etc)
  • a little bit of patience
  • a big bit of enthusiasm

Beware of taking in anyone whose language is not up to scratch - regardless of how desperately you need more members. Assure them they will be most welcome to join when they are more proficient.

Lingo Links is eager to assist you:

Helpful hints and guidelines as well as models for leaflets and newspaper articles are available. Only modify them to suit your particular requirements. You are welcome to visit other circles to see ‘how it’s done’.
Our help line:
0 11-4 65-60 34 (after hours).
Also see our directory of present groups.