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Basic Concept

Lingo Links consists of small, friendly, informal groups where you brush up language skills through conversation with mother-tongue speakers.

There are two types of groups

  • Bilingual exchanges: Speakers of any two languages meet for mutual practice, spending equal time (usually one hour) on each language. Eg Spanish/English or Afrikaans/German.
    All languages A - Z (Afrikaans to Zulu) in any combination.
  • Single medium groups where a mother-tongue speaker directs the conversation. Eg Meet to speak Greek, Chinese or Venda.
    In our popular ‘Merry Mixes’ several nationalities meet to focus on English only.

Each group is autonomous and sets its own schedule regarding frequency, time and place of meetings.

A working knowledge of the foreign language is a must.

Note - these are conversation groups - not classes. If you don't know enough, get cracking!

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