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How the Conversation Circles work

The circles are led by a Convenor assisted by a Co-convenor.

Each group is autonomous and sets its own schedule regarding frequency, time and place of meetings. They could be held weekly or fortnightly; in the morning, afternoon, early evening or weekends. At any suitable place - coffee houses, libraries, or members can take turns to meet in the comfort of their homes.

The groups are small and informal (Two to twelve members). Newcomers are welcomed as visitors.
It is up to the Convenor to decide on the proficiency of each applicant and how many members to admit to his/her particular circle.

Conversation topics are chosen in advance, with equal time given to each language - about one hour. Members present their view on the topic in the foreign language. On the help-each-other-basis, corrections vary according to the needs and wishes of the various participants.

In this friendly atmosphere with its spirit of encouragement, all inhibitions and shyness vanish. For all are in the same boat, being learners half the time, and experts in the other half.