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African Lingoes

Get to know the other person and his/her culture.
"Praat sy taal" / "khuluma ulimi lwabo"
(Afrikaans and Zulu for "speak his lingo")

Lingo Links is a practical and fun way for our different indigenous cultures to literally open homes and doors to one another.

To quote from our Lingo Links newsletter: "With our members coming from all over the world, we are a true United Nations. But unlike the real UN, we do not meet to iron out differences. We are intrigued by them, honour them and explore them with fascination."

Unfortunately, SA is not yet a UNITED NATION. So our mission is to form many more Afrikaans/English groups, as well as to incorporate more African language groups.

Viz. "English /Afrikaans" or "Meet to Speak Sotho" circles!

Further Information
Jhb. 072-786-9961
0 11-4 65-60 34 (after hours)